In all of the excitement of planning a road trip and getting away from the daily grind for a well-earned break, it can be easy to throw caution to the wind and, subsequently, any budget you had set, out the window.

A road trip budget is essential to making sure that you can have the holiday of your dreams, without having to scrimp or save one day because you had a budget blowout on the previous one.

Here are three invaluable ways to ensure you make the most of your road trip budget.

Set a daily budget and stick to it – regardless of circumstances

It can be easy in the moment to justify to yourself why allowing yourself one or two days off-budget won’t be a big deal in the long run.
Maybe you really want to do that hot air ballooning trip over the outback, or go on a shopping spree in fashion capital Melbourne, and tell yourself that you will simply go back on an even stricter budget after you’re done. This rarely works out, and you may never recoup that money that could have kept you living comfortably for a number of days. Unless there is an emergency that requires some generous dipping into your funds, consider carefully where your money is going and if it’s worth it.

Know the approximate costs of the area you will be travelling

Australia is an expensive country, there’s no denying it. With some of the highest costs of living in the world, it can often come as a big shock to the system to tourists who haven’t done their research before visiting. It’s all relative, however. Some cities, especially the ever-trendy Melbourne and Sydney, are going to be more pricey for a cup of coffee than their outback counterparts. Before visiting your area of choice, make sure that you know how much, on average, you can expect to pay for a night in a hotel or motel, a meal out, or a ticket on public transport. This way you will be better able to set a budget that accommodates each area you are passing through.

Avoid money-draining expenses and opt for cheaper options wherever possible

When travelling on a budget, its often not easy to let go of old habits to make sure you don’t overdraw your funds. Used to buying a number of expensive coffees throughout your working day? Maybe you love going for a few beers after work? These are all expenses that seriously add up in the long run and can quickly burn through your budget. Ask yourself what you could do instead with the money you are spending on a beer or three, and you should be easily able to talk yourself out of it.

Renting a vehicle can also work out to be a great budget way to hit the road, so check out our rental locator to find your nearest Thrifty pick-up location.