Be it skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, or enjoying a delicious meal in a far-flung town, Vicki Louise is simply not one to sit still for long. Her travel blog reflects this with every new tale of adventure, told from places all over the globe.
Make Time To See The World is a travel blog dedicated to getting out and making the most of the planet and everything it holds. It’s full of secret spots, travellers’ tales, and photos that will make you want to pack your bags and hop on a plane.
We asked Vicki a few burning questions, and think you’ll love her responses as much as we do.

When did you know that you had the travel bug?

I feel very lucky to have been raised in a family that went on holiday once or twice a year as I was growing up, so travel as a concept was nothing new to me. However, back in 2008, after taking the usual academic path, I was working in a law firm when I decided that this office cubicle life just wasn’t for me.

I’m presuming it must have been fate, but a pop-up appeared on my screen with the words, “Do you want to work at Disney World?” I clicked “Yes.” Silly really, it could have been spam or a virus (which I’m sure wouldn’t have gone down well in the office), but it turned into an incredible opportunity and one that changed my life.

At the end of my six-month contract, I had promised the US government I would leave the country within 31 days. I used those 31 days to fly to LA and road trip across the country through 16 states, ending in New York. What a ride! Packed in a mini-bus with ten other people who just wanted to see the world, I was inspired by their stories of far off lands and the adventures they’d experienced with all their belongings stuffed into a backpack.

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Thoughts of returning to a dull office job in England made me feel depressed, so one day I decided I wasn’t going back. And I didn’t. That’s when I knew the travel bug had got me.

What’s your best tip(s) for travelling as a couple?

Be yourselves. Often couples travelling together have this idea that everything will be perfect and wonderful, but the fact is, things happen. You might not agree on things, you could have different ideas on how or what to spend money on, or you may even disagree on where you want to go.

I think the key is to talk about these things before you leave home – pick a budget, decide if the kitty covers extras like souvenirs and booze, and compromise on activities so that you’re both getting to do something you like.

What has been your all-time favourite road trip?

Our most recent road trip was travelling overland through five African countries in five weeks, and it was the most incredible trip we have ever taken. The contrasts of each country were incredible, and their natural beauty was breathtaking.

The first part of our trip was with a company that specialises in overland travel through southern and eastern Africa, but the last part – the Garden Route, between Cape Town and Johannesburg – is perfect for self-driving. There’s plenty to do and several beautiful seaside towns to stay in along the way.

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How do you decide where to travel to next?

I have a list (who doesn’t!) of places that I want to visit, along with the approximate amount of time I think I would need there. I scan for airfares every couple of months, booking only when I see a great deal. It’s never really a spur-of-the-moment decision, and once I’ve booked flights, I often have a few months to finalise the plan to make sure we don’t miss out on anything.

In the last four years, our travels have revolved around events in family and friends’ lives – especially weddings. When we are booking to attend these events, we always tack on a new country in that area to make the flights from Australia worthwhile.

Where is your favourite place to visit in Australia and why?

I love Melbourne, which is helpful because that’s where I live. I haven’t travelled as much of Australia as I’d like, having made a conscious decision to take long haul trips while we are still physically able (and while travel remains so expensive in Australia).

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I’ve done a bit of the East Coast – Port Douglas offers great access to the Great Barrier Reef, Byron Bay has the ‘we’re so laid back we’re horizontal’ vibe, and Sydney – well, who doesn’t like Sydney? But I find that Melbourne has it all – city vibe, incredible food scene, fantastic shopping. Plus it’s the country’s home of sport. The only real downside is the weather – we get four seasons in a day, and it can get pretty cold in winter. But I am from the UK, so this should be something I’m used to!