There’s no doubt that Australia is a truly unique country. We have an incredibly varied landscape, with everything from desert to rainforest, as well as a cultural melting pot of people from all walks of life. Our island home is so large and expansive, you are just bound to run across something that tickles your fancy or grabs your attention on the road.

Driving on Aussie roads, whether it’s in an urban or rural location, is truly an experience to be had. Even true blue Aussies who’ve driven on our roads for years, or even decades, can come across a surprise.

Read on for just a few that made our shortlist!

Questionable road rules

Australia has a complex array of road rules. While it’s true that the important ones remain essentially the same state to state, some do vary slightly. So if you’re travelling interstate on your next road trip, it might pay to check out your destination’s own unique road rules, and the penalties for breaking them.

And while you’re doing so, you may just notice that some of the Aussie road rules are actually pretty amusing! We’ve weeded out some of Australia’s funniest – and most unusual – road rules. Even if you’ve been driving here for years, we doubt you’ll know about these!

For example, you probably didn’t know that In New South Wales, splashing a bus passenger with mud backsplash from a puddle as you drive by will land you with a fine in the range of $165. No mud in the puddle, just water? The odds are you won’t be fined.

Meanwhile, in Victoria, it’s against the law to have your bike carrier still attached to the back of your car if there aren’t bikes currently housed on it.

Australia-wide, if you find yourself walking along a road that doesn’t have a footpath or distinguishable road running alongside it for pedestrians, you legally have to walk on the side that faces coming traffic – not the side where you are walking with traffic.
Failure to abide by this law can actually land you with a small fine or penalty, depending on the state.

Billboards with a distinctly Aussie feel

If you are a born and bred Aussie, or have been living here for a while, you’re probably familiar with the unconventional way that we can get an important point across while still maintaining our famous sense of humour. The blend of serious and irreverent is uniquely Australian – and one of the places where this is most obvious is in our billboards.

For example, law enforcement takes a strong stance on driving under the influence – and rightfully so. Of course, the billboards regarding this issue are often forceful, memorable, and tongue-in-cheek all at once. There’s the iconic, “if you drink then drive, you’re a bloody idiot” tagline, and the “don’t drive like a w [and an image of an anchor]”. What could be more quintessentially Aussie than that?

These billboards are different from state to state, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on your next road trip. You might just spot a new favourite!

Heading off on an upcoming road trip? Be sure to keep a lookout for just a few of the weird and wonderful sights you’ll see on Aussie roads – and remember to familiarise yourself with the local road rules if you’re venturing out of town.

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