Hack your move: Pro tips for moving house easily

You’ve found the perfect new home and you’re counting down the days until you can call it your own. All that’s left to do now is pack up and go!

Moving house is often easier said than done, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite moving house tips to make the shift as easy as possible. We’ve got a range of moving truck rental options to suit any move, as well as the friendly staff to offer advice on which one might be best for your needs.

Without further ado, our top eight moving tips:

1. Take photos of your electronic setups

Before you unplug all those electronics, take a quick snap with your phone so you know how to correctly plug everything back in when you’re unpacking.

2. Throw your clothes in the trash

Not really in the trash – but you can use garbage bags to bunch together a large collection of clothes while they’re still on their hangers. Tie the hangers together with string then slip a stack of coats, dresses, and shirts into a large bag to keep them clean and make them easier to move in one go.

3. Stack your dishes upright

Your plates and bowls are more likely to survive if you stand them up in a packing box, the same way you would as in a dishwasher. Use your tea towels or other packing materials between them to avoid chips and cracks.

4. Write box descriptions on the sides

If you write descriptions of what’s in each box on the top, it’ll make it tough to see what’s what when you’re unpacking from the truck. Instead, write it on a couple of sides so it’s easier to see straight away.

5. Hire moving supplies

Unless you make a habit of moving house, you might be surprised at the range of bits and bobs that you’ll need for the shift. Instead of splurging on a pile of packing tape rollers, sack barrows and other tools, simply rent those moving accessories with Thrifty when you pick up your hire truck. Many locations offer handy moving extras like rope, moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap and trolleys. A moving truck with a hydraulic lift can be a lifesaver for your back if you’ve got loads to carry, especially those heavy items!

6. Pack heavy items into the truck first

Play tetris with your heavier items such as couches, tables, and white ware before anything else when you pack your moving truck. This makes it easier to fill in the gaps with lighter items and means you won’t risk heavy items at the top falling and breaking or denting other pieces of furniture.

7. Set up your beds as soon as you arrive

Pack your sheets, pillows and blankets in a well-marked box so that you can set up your beds as soon as you arrive. Hunting down those items will be the last thing you’ll want to do when you’re ready to collapse into bed at the end of the night, so getting it all ready to go first thing can save a headache later. Plus, this is a great task for those who want to help out but might not be as capable with lifting and shifting heavy items, such as elderly parents.

8. Lock in that pizza order

Moving house is always sure to work up a healthy appetite. Whether it’s just you and your housemates, a gang of close friends you’ve reeled in to help, or a hired crew, order a stack of pizzas and make sure everyone knows to help themselves. Lay out plenty of water and cups as well.